It’s Still Hard

#SOL18 Day 1

I lost my girl almost two weeks ago. We had 14 wonderful years with her and though I knew the time was drawing near my heart wasn’t ready. There are certain times of the day that are harder than others. Sipping my morning coffee by the fire is lonely now. Going to bed and not needing to lock the back door and throw a treat on the floor is a nightly reminder that she’s gone. Tonight I came home to a completely empty house and as I riffled through the mail I found a sympathy card from our vet. The handwritten notes from the staff touched my heart but it was also a reminder that I no longer had those big brown eyes looking up at me. I know in time it will get easier but right now it’s still hard. Our pets touch our lives and become a part of our family. Zoe was my girlfriend in our family of men.

12 thoughts on “It’s Still Hard

  1. Oh Beth. 😦 I almost didn’t want to read this because I knew I’d cry. And I was right. It’s so hard! I hope you can remember all the good times without so much sadness soon.


  2. I am a basset hound owner and have sent three dogs to the Bridge. You’d think it would get easier with each, but it doesn’t. In the basset world, we send each other drool for all occasions. Today, I am sending you heart-healing drool.


  3. Anyone can empathize with your slice. For someone who has lived through this kind of loss, I’m sorry. I know just how you feel with the simple moments of the day getting to you. I also come from a house of boys, so I wish you some female comfort today.


  4. Welcome to SOL. I hope the experience of sharing your writing with others in this community is rewarding for you. I am so sorry for your loss. We lost both of our cats last year. One about this time and his brother in June. I still miss them. It is so hard to loose those we love, even if they are our animal friends. Take Care.


  5. The love of a fur-person touches us in so many ways. It is never easy I still miss my fur-babies. We have lost 3 in the last few years. We currently have a black lab and a lab/Dane cross.

    We never went out looking for any of the fur-friends that shared our homes. Each has such a different personality. They take root in our heart and just move in.

    Your writing reflected so many emotions. And as your reader your words echoed my own experiences. May your memories bring you comfort.


  6. When our last dog passed we vowed no more dogs.Ha! Currently we’re doing a long term foster for our son’s dog and we have adopted another dog. We still have fond memories of all our dogs.


  7. schwartzee2 says:

    I am crying. Your words hit my heart and it’s been a year and a half since my girl passed. Her last moments with me will forever be in my mind. Thank you for sharing.


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