Rule #3 Never Be Unreachable

#SOL18 Day 2

I arrived home from school today to find the house unlocked and the door ajar. My first thought was which one of us was scatterbrained this morning. Now that we’re empty nesters we don’t have kids to blame for such things. I quickly realized it didn’t really matter because of greater concern was whether or not someone was in the house. A barking dog would have signaled there was danger but I no longer have that security. To be honest, Zoe would have welcomed any stranger with her tail wagging hoping to score a treat.

I stood at the door trying decide what to do. Our spring break started today and I was anxious to get home and finish packing but my imagination started to take over. My guilty pleasure is action/adventure television shows or movies so I can conjure up a number of senerios about what could be waiting inside for me. I knew it wouldn’t be Jethro Gibbs waiting to defend me armed with his flip phone and a Starbucks. The logical part of my brain knew one of us probably forgot to close the door all the way and lock up but my imagination was taking over.

I decided to call my husband hoping he would have a reasonable explaination for the open door. As often happens, I got his voicemail so I left a message. Next, I sent him a text hoping he would sense the urgency of a voicemail and a text. No luck.

It was quite windy and cold in central Pennsylvania today so waiting outside until my husband got home wasn’t an option and I needed to finish packing so we could head south with the 40,000 college students who share our town. I decided to go inside with my phone poised to dial 911 if needed. I rolled my computer bag into the family room first, it was uneventful. I returned to the car for my lunchbox and my last minute Wegman’s purchases which required me to go further into the house. I got to the kitchen without incident but I’ll admit I opened the basement door and listened for activity. I felt confident that I had secured the lower level of the house but I needed to get upstairs to finish the packing. The house was suddenly feeling immense.

As I contemplated my next move my phone rang. My husband was returning my call and he insisted he locked the house. Awesome, now what? We were discussing my need to venture upstairs while staying on the phone when the events of the morning must have replayed in his head. Friday is trash day at our house and as my husband was heading down the driveway he realized he forgot to put out the recycling bin. He backed up entered the house through the mudroom door and left the house through the garage. He hit the button to close the garage door, left the bin at the end of the driveway and drove off without closing the door.

All was well, the packing got done and we’re headed to meet Thing 2 and his girlfriend for dinner before heading to our airport hotel but I would have been okay with finding Gibbs in my kitchen with his flip phone and a Starbucks.

4 thoughts on “Rule #3 Never Be Unreachable

  1. Well done! I was on the edge of my seat the whole I was reading this! I figured all was well since you seemed to live to tell (write) the tale, but scary and riveting, nonetheless.


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