Everyone Has a Story

#SOL18 Day 3

By nature I’m an introvert but when traveling I enjoy meeting people and learning their stories. We had a long day of traveling to Aruba to escape the cold of central Pennsylvania but along the way we met some folks and learned some stories.

Sometimes we don’t actually meet the people and I just wonder about their stories. Did we actually run into Steven Tyler getting on the moving sidewalk or was he Steven Tyler’s doppelganger? Has anyone else thought he looks like Steven Tyler? Or, what is the story of the woman who became teary eyed when a group of veterans deplaned and where cheered and applauded through the airport? Did she lose a loved one? Was she a veteran? Does she have a child serving our country? I wish I had learned their stories.

First, we met a young couple traveling to Aruba for the first time. The young woman is an undergrad at Penn State and her companion had recently graduated. As often happens, they were surprised to meet someone who actually lives in State College.

Next, we learned our seatmate was traveling to Aruba for work. Teacher friends, can you imagine traveling to an island for work? She works in the construction industry and for insurance purposes they have to have meetings outside of the country. I’m not sure I understand that but what a great perk.

Finally, this evening we had dinner next to two older women. One lives in Florida but was originally from Scranton. The other was from Massachusettes. They have both visited Aruba several times and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were widows who used to travel together with their husbands.

Sometimes I wish I could learn more but I enjoy these brief connections. They make the world seem a little smaller and they’re a reminder that learning peoples’ stories and building relationships, however brief, is an important part of the human story.

2 thoughts on “Everyone Has a Story

  1. I find people’s stories interesting too. Often I will sit and create a whole scenario while people watching. What fun to travel out of the country for work, but I bet she doesn’t think so. Enjoy the warmth of Aruba!

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  2. I like your perspective as an empty nester. Since were all headed that way, it’s good to hear and learn from that place. I am a people observer as well and I enjoyed reading about your encounters with interesting folks from around the country


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