Winter’s Last Word?

#SOL18 Day 6

As I sat under the shade of a palm tree today I could have been convinced that summer was here with its promise of renewal and relaxation. Under the proctection of my lone palm I was brought back to reality while reading A Study in Scarlet Woman by Sherry Thomas. The main character, Charlotte, seems to enjoy winter but her current circumstances caused her to frett about her lack of a winter coat.

But winter was a pleasure only for those who could afford it. Who could sit before a blazing fire, a steaming mug of mulled cider in hand, and watch the storm pelt against windowpanes while nibbling on a slice of still warm plum cake.

I’m thinking of friends and family in the eastern United States who are destined to get a substantial snowstorm. I’m hoping they have the luxury of sitting by the fire sipping mulled cider or some other warm tasty treat as they wait out the storm.

I’m also thinking of the couple staying in the condo complex we’re staying at who are from Rhode Island. They are due to fly back tomorrow and are concerned about getting stuck in an airport somewhere. Fourtunately, they are retired and have the luxury of being able to extend their visit if needed. They are already heading home to a downed tree in their yard from yet another storm that hit while they were away.

I’m enjoying my time in the sun but I’m thinking of those back home and know winter hasn’t quite had her last word yet.

7 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Word?

  1. The wind is howling and it is cold, but at least there’s no precipitation in my world. I feel for those on the east coast getting another storm. Soak up the warmth and pleasant breezes, because you never know when the last gasp of winter will come.

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  2. Rita K. says:

    We were in Florida a few weeks ago…so beautiful, warm and sunny. I, too, hope this is “winter’s last word” (I love that!)


  3. Oh my goodness! Your palm tree was just what I needed to see today. It makes me long for the beach that I will be on in just a few short weeks for spring break. Here’s hoping winter is on its last legs! Thanks for sharing today!


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