The Dreamer

#SOL18 Day 11

“Which beach do you want to go to today, Lovey?” my husband inquired as he arrived in our family room dressed in shorts and his slippers. I laugh and shake my head. He’s the dreamer in this duo that used to be a foursome.

He’s also the one to see the bright side, “The deck is covered with snow but at least the sun is shining!” 

Meanwhile, I’m sitting in my recliner freezing, drinking a cup of coffee reading slices and trying to figure out what to write about today. My thoughts turn to the empty refrigerator, the mound of laundry, the sub plans to write for two days of training this week, report cards, the parent conference schedule . . . the list goes on and on. Tomorrow it’s back to our real life after a much-needed respite in the sun and sand.

I’m glad my dreamer is by my side. He helps me keep it all in perspective. He picks up the slack when there’s too much to be accomplished, he cheers me on and always helps me find the spots of sunshine in my day.

I hope you have a dreamer to walk with too.


10 thoughts on “The Dreamer

  1. TL says:

    Ok. This one “got” me. That’s the “This Is Us” in me, I guess!!

    You guys will ALWAYS be a foursome!!!



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