The Man in My Kitchen

#SOL18 Day 29

There’s a man I’ve invited into my kitchen almost every weekday morning for the past 20 years. He’s a bit older than me but I still enjoy his company. He’s been there as I have readied Thing 1 and then Thing 2 for preschool. He was there the morning they each went off to their first day of kindergarten and their last day of high school. He was even there the mornings their dad and I took them to college.

We’ve been through a lot together. His friend Dave left but I still stuck by him. A new friend named Pat arrived who I wasn’t so sure of at first. It turned out okay. My friend didn’t show up in my kitchen for a while because he needed to take care of his health. He was missed and returned as an advocate for all who would listen. I was there the day we said goodbye to our friend Pat, forever. I’ve been there on days he’s said goodbye to his cats and I’ve been there on days when he’s joyfully welcomed new ones into his life.

He’s been there in my kitchen recently keeping me company in the quiet mornings of my empty nest as I pack my lunch and enjoy the first cup of coffee of the day. He doesn’t join in though, he prefers Pepsi instead.

Over the years he has kept me informed of local happenings and worldly events. I listen in as he chats about the weather with his friend Elliot. I sometimes went crazy trying to follow the forecast. He once was the voice who informed me of snow days but technology replaced my friend and the news now reaches me long before he arrives in my kitchen.

He’s clever, he’s witty and he’s smart though he’ll tell you he’s not. He claims to suffer from inertia though he manages to accomplish a lot before the light of day arrives. He loves trivia, game shows, The Who, plaid Converse and cats. Sometimes we agree but sometimes we don’t and that’s okay. He makes me laugh and sometimes sends me to my computer to type up a reply; I’m not one to pick up the phone and chime in.

The man in my kitchen has been coming through the airwaves for more than the 20 years I’ve invited him in. Tomorrow will be the last day he shows up. He’s retiring with his lovely and talented and heading to warmer climes. He’ll sip umbrella drinks, sit by the pool and hopefully sleep later than he’s used to. It’s a much deserved break but The Morning Guys just won’t be the same without Uncle Kev.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement Kevin Nelson!

7 thoughts on “The Man in My Kitchen

  1. At the beginning, I wondered about this man. In the middle, my mind was putting pieces together to know there wasn’t a body in your kitchen. Finally, I gave a sigh of relief when I got to the end, and your reveal confirmed my suspicions. Nice way to lead the reader down a path of wonder.

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  2. Nancy says:

    Very well said, it sounds exactly how I feel about Kevin, he has been part of my morning for a very long time. I was so relieved they started streaming because the building I work in was shielded and the radio didn’t work. Kevin was always so gracious when I sent him emails complaining the streaming wasn’t working, he always helped me troubleshoot!!! Miss you already Kevin! I think you are probably finally realizing how many peoples lives you have impacted in such a positive way!

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