Summer Wife Gets a Puppy?


My girl Zoe last summer.

I’ve been Summer Wife (click to read one of my earliest blog posts from about a year ago) for five days now and I have come to the realization that the house is truly empty. So, maybe yesterday was the first day I was actually home alone because my husband took Friday afternoon off but things just aren’t the same this summer without my girl Zoe by my side. We lost our 14-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel back in February and at the time I was convinced I wouldn’t get another dog until I retire. I started looking for a new dog Saturday morning.


I know there are lots of great dogs waiting to be adopted through rescue agencies but we are really attached to Cavaliers due to their awesome personality. We also want a puppy because we’ve had a crazy dog in the past and we don’t want to live through that again. Finding a Cavalier puppy is not an easy task. The fear of getting a puppy from a puppy mill is high and Cavalier breeders can be persnickety. The breeder we bought Zoe from has one puppy right now but she is non-responsive through email which is the only way we know to contact her. She’s trying to decide whether or not to keep the puppy so she can show it. We’re hoping she discovers some giant flaw in the dog soon so she can be ours.

In the meantime I’ve been searching the internet and contacting everyone I can find in a 250 mile radius looking for puppies. I’ve found many but I’m cautious about how the puppies were bred and how they are being raised. I’ve sent Thing 1 to investigate a breeder an hour from where he lives and I have a day trip planned tomorrow to visit some puppies near where Thing 2 lives. I just don’t know if the time is right. I wake up in the morning thinking I’m crazy for getting another dog. What will happen when I go back to school? Will he/she be able to be alone all day? My school hours are changing next year and I have no idea what my schedule will be like. I will need to leave home much earlier but will I be able to get home earlier? There’s many unknowns.

Life is full of unknowns though and fretting about them isn’t profitable. I’m looking for someone to talk me out of this, to tell me I’m crazy for bringing a puppy into my life right now but I’m not having much luck. I blogged about test driving a car recently and most of my friends and co-workers were convinced the post was going to be about a dog. I did get a new (used) car and several comments about needing a dog.

I’m not sure what the future will hold but you can only look at and visit so many adorable puppies for so long before giving in. Maybe I should stop the search cold turkey so I can resist. I’ll spend my summer by the pool reading or knitting rather than chasing a puppy around and trying to housebreak it before going back to school. Only time will tell whether or not I give my heart to a new four-legged friend. Stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “Summer Wife Gets a Puppy?

  1. I’m highly allergic to dogs, so I can talk you out of it (if that’s what you really want) and tell you that your friends with dog allergies won’t be able to come over with a dog.

    However, I adore Cavaliers from afar. My aunt and uncle had a few of them through the years. When I was younger (and less allergic), I used to dote on one of them whenever I went over to their apartment. GREAT, great dogs!

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  2. I’ve been itching for another puppy. We currently have a pug who is 10 years old. Summer is a great time for training. 🙂 Puppies are hard to resist! Good luck with your search and decision! Look forward to hearing the final result!

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  3. I hope there is a puppy in your future! Dogs are so joyful. I understand being attached to a particular breed. Luckily, my special breed, the dog of my heart, is a pit bull–and you can find dozens of those at every shelter, it seems! Of course, finding just the right dog for my unusual cat situation (8 of them!) is a challenge. My sweet dog is now 14 and failing, and it’s hard to imagine being without her. She has loved so very many cats over her 14 years, and they have mostly all loved her too.

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  4. Our sweet Lily came from a shelter, adopted after I lost my sweet Possum and swore no more. When you’re a dog person, you just are. Our oldest son is getting his first personal dog this weekend. Don’t fret, but maybe go to a shelter and see if a Cavalier mix is waiting there for you.


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