An Afternoon of Decompressing

After a morning of training for remote learning I was feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, I learned our local Big 10 university cancelled face-to-face classes for the remainder of the semester and has postponed graduation. Every new cancellation increases my anxiety about what the future holds. I decided I needed to engage in some stress relieving activities for the afternoon.

IMG_3464I grabbed Milo and headed out into the sunshine. The half hour walk did wonders for both of us.

My next task was to bake rolls for our dinner tonight. I have to admit that we’ve been using a bread machine to make bread dough since the early 90’s.


think we’re on our second bread machine by now. Due to recent binge watching of The Great British Baking Show we’ve been inspired to make bread without the machine and today was the day!

As I was kneading the dough and listening to the theme song from The Breakfast Club I was taken back to the first time I ever tasted homemade bread. I was in 5th grade and my teacher, Mrs. Beesaw, had us make bread and butter because we were studying colonial times. It was an amazing experience and she was an awesome teacher. I remember my excitement when I came home and told my mom about it. I couldn’t wait to bake bread at home.

My mom was less than thrilled. Baking was not her thing. Honestly, cooking was not really her thing either though she did make dinner every night for our family of 7. After much pestering she finally gave in and we made homemade bread and butter. I don’t really remember how it came out or if I ever baked bread much when I was younger but baking has been a part of my life since my elementary days. My mom eventually learned to appreciate my interest in baking and even gave me the nickname Betty Crocker, which my younger sister still chuckles about as she and her husband indulge in the sticky buns I make for almost every family occasion.

I was reminded today that teachers have a huge impact on their students. Sometimes in ways they may never know. Mrs. Beesaw’s bread and butter activity ignited a lifelong passion for baking in me. I hope I’ve ignited some passions in the students I have taught over the course of my 22 years of teaching.

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Two Writing Teachers

5 thoughts on “An Afternoon of Decompressing

  1. Amanda Regan says:

    Your conclusion that teachers impact their students in ways they may never know is so true. I wish I had taken the time to let my teachers know how they impacted me. Baking bread seems like a great way to slow down and take a break from the craziness of the world right now.

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    We do have impact, and often will never know. It’s such a treat for me when a former student reaches out. Your post also looks delicious. I’m trying not to each much bread, but I love it.


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