#guestteachersrock Day 5 #SOL21

This year more than ever I am thankful for guest teachers. These individuals agree to go into numerous buildings and expose themselves to hundreds of strangers week after week. Teachers traditionally push through many days because it is an incredible amount of work to prepare for a guest teacher. This year we can’t do that in order to comply with our health and safety plan so we can keep our entire school community safe. The slightest twinge or sniffle has us considering the risk we put every person we encounter at during a typical school day.

I was faced with this decision in the wee hours of the morning so I opted to write the plans and hope one of my colleagues didn’t have to cover my class. Thankfully, a guest teacher was able to step in and with some help from teammates, administrators and my classroom paraprofessional she was set for the day.

My class was having an earned reward for the afternoon but the system we use to show videos is not reliable for guest teachers so in case it didn’t work I gave a few other options for how to celebrate this afternoon. A longer afternoon recess and some free time exploring Apps we don’t get to use often would still be a treat for my kids. I told her to tell the class we would watch the video next week if it didn’t work out for today.

I learned through a text the video system was working perfectly and all was set for our afternoon reward. That was a huge relief as I know the kids were looking forward to it.

A few hours later I saw an email stating the internet is out across all district buildings. I can’t ever remember the internet going out across the district. On top of that, despite the beautiful yet windy sunny day, the Real Feel temperature is too low for outdoor recess. I’m helpless here at home and I feel guilty for the stress the guest teacher must be experiencing. We cannot operate schools without guest teachers and especially this year when the need has been even greater. I’m so grateful to the people who have chosen to serve us and their entire community in this way.

I probably need to pick up a Starbucks gift card this weekend. #guestteachersrock

Part of Slice of Life Writing by Two Writing Teachers

6 thoughts on “#guestteachersrock Day 5 #SOL21

  1. Boy do I understand – I had a sore throat earlier in the week and have had to work form home due to policy. Seems layers of “weird” keep happening (in a word: Internet!) but then there are good souls like those guest teachers. And – who wouldn’t love a Starbucks card! I hope you’re feeling better.


  2. hardly an artist says:

    She was cool as a cucumber through all the ups and downs! No guilt, not your problem while away! Self-preservation!!! Feel better!


  3. I feel all of this so clearly. Rest and come back ready and healthy. Indeed, guest teachers rock! (And boy do we ever have to flip plans when the WiFi goes out! Made for some improvising for us all!)


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