Why Do You Check Your Eggs? Day 13 #SOL21

I’m sure you’ve seen the meme on social media. The one that asks, “Who checks their eggs?” I personally can’t imagine buying a carton of eggs without checking them. This skill was ingrained in me at a young age. Being the fourth of five children, I did a lot of shopping with my mom. The “Big Kids” were all in school by the time I was born and the youngest didn’t come along until I was 7 so I got to do A LOT of shopping. I hate shopping now and my husband is eternally grateful to my mom.

One Saturday during my weekly grocery shopping trip I was in front of the dairy case, egg carton in hand, checking my eggs before I put them in my cart. I opened the carton and painstakingly touched each one as I visually checked their smooth brown surfaces. While I was inspecting my eggs I was approached by a twenty-something college student, “I gotta ask you,” he inquired, “why do you do that? Why do you check each egg? My mom does that and I never understood why.”

“Well,” I replied, “I check each egg to make sure they aren’t cracked.”

“But why do you touch each one? Isn’t looking at them enough?” he wondered.

“I touch each one to make sure it’s not stuck to the carton. You see, the egg could be cracked on the bottom and it would be stuck to the carton because it would have leaked out of the shell.” I answered.

“Oh wow! That makes sense. Thanks for solving that mystery for me.” he replied.

“Your welcome!” I responded.

Perhaps he really was curious or he was carrying out a fraternity dare, I don’t really know but I was happy to pass on my egg checking knowledge. I hope my own two sons learned this important skill from me and don’t have to stop a woman my age in the grocery store to ask her why she is checking her eggs.

Today I was at the grocery store and I was in front of the dairy case checking my eggs and I was glad I did.

I am participating in the 14th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge by Two Writing Teachers. This is my third year of daily slicing during the month of March. Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Why Do You Check Your Eggs? Day 13 #SOL21

  1. Shaista says:

    Those are pearls of wisdom! I just threw away 7 eggs from a crate of 30! I reprimanded myself SO much for not checking before buying! And yes, many were stuck to the bottom, too!


  2. I love this because one of my own adult kids asked me this recently. They asked why I always move the eggs around before I put them in the cart. I guess I had never explained it to them but they wondered all this time.


  3. Kristi Lonheim says:

    Here the eggs come in cartons of 30 with plastic around them. You can see them, but wiggling each to check if it is stuck to the bottom would be challenging. And then there is the idea of refrigerating eggs…


  4. This spoke to my soul and reminded me of my parents. It’s something I never questioned because for me too, it’s been ingrained! I love the moment you shared with this stranger! What a great slice.


  5. Jackie Higgins says:

    These odd moments with people in the grocery store make great writing slices, don’t they? I just had one with a lady in the grocery store tonight. Maybe I”ll slice about it.


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