Work Day Day 27 #SOL21

The power went out at school yesterday in the middle of writing workshop. It wasn’t a problem as we were using our entire writing time for writing yesterday. No need for technology for a mini lesson and the speakers I use to play instrumental music during our writing time are battery powered. The sunlight lit our room sufficiently so we carried on as if nothing had happened.

I was able to do my read aloud after writing. I told my class we were doing an “old school” read aloud since we had no document camera. Unfortunately, gathering on the carpet around my rocking chair is also “old school” right now too so I read from the front of the room and held the book up and panned it from side to side for all to see. Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride is a large book with beautiful illustrations so it was better shared this way anyway.

The power never came back on before my students left and the power outage also brought a lack of internet. This didn’t cause me any problems with teaching but it did prevent me from getting my after school work done. I’m a late stayer type of teacher at this stage of life. I’ve never been the early morning type and working after school fits my current lifestyle. I’m not one to work on school once I’m home so I’d rather get it all done before I leave. Having a husband who now works from home and does most of the cooking these days has contributed to this mode of operation.

After about 45 minutes of trying to edit my digital planbook on my phone I gave up and went home. Unfortunately, that has made today a work day. We only have a three day week next week and I only have a few things to finish planning but the work must get done. After almost 23 years I have finally found a method that has resulted in not working on the weekend most weeks but this weekend isn’t one of them. Last weekend wasn’t either due to having to finish report cards. I don’t know how to get those done without working on the weekend and I doubt I’ll figure that out before I retire. Though I will be do some work this weekend, I’ll make sure to take some time for me too. Hoping all those slicers on spring break this week aren’t working and the rest of you have a restful weekend.

I am participating in the 14th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge by Two Writing Teachers. This is my third year of daily slicing during the month of March. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Work Day Day 27 #SOL21

  1. Two weekends in a row of work – not so fun … I hope you get enough relaxing time too. I just set up my laptop on my deck to try to do a little work as well… I am tired of my Sundays being full of work so I’m hoping doing a little today helps . .. although it’s such a pretty day I’m not sure I’ll be able to do much!


  2. As they say, when life gives you lemons…

    You’ve made lemonade in spite of the circumstances in your tale here and no doubt the students will always remember the reading and writing they did in the dark!

    Enjoy your time off after your short week next week!


  3. carwilc says:

    I want to know your secrets for not working at home. I teach sixth grade language arts and respond to kids’ writing at home pretty much every weekend! And every weekend, I think, there has got to be a better way to do this!


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