#SOL23 March 16 Morning Meeting News

I had some news to share at our Morning Meeting today. My family, friends and teammates have known for quite a while now. My principal has known since November but my second graders didn’t learn of my retirement news until this morning.

We did a quick greeting because two students had some sharing and I wanted time to share my news and answer any questions my students had. I was taken by surprise that I started to tear up when I began to share my news.

“What’s wrong?” one of the girls asked.

“Nothing’s wrong, I actually have happy news but sometimes happy news can make us cry.” I replied.

I took a deep breath and looked around the circle and siad, “I wanted to let you all know that I am spending my last year of teaching with you. I’m going to retire at the end of the school year.”

After some gasps and one, “Oh yeah, my mom told me that!” (the mom works in the school district). The hands shot up. I knew we were going to have an extended Morning Meeting today.

“But who will teach 2nd grade?” was the first question I fielded and the one many students had but there were also some fun ones.


“What will your next job be?”

“I’ll get to be a full time dog mom to Milo!” I replied.

“What’s going to happen to all the stuff in our classroom?”

“Some of it will go home with me and some of it will be given to other teachers but most of it will stay here for the next second grade teacher.” My answer sparked a whole slew of questions and requests.

“I want the geoboards!” someone shouted.

“Can I have the Origami paper?” another asked.

My favorite question was, “So what’s going to happen to the mini fridge?” Which was quickly followed by, “Can I have the mini fridge?”

I’ve spent 12 years in my current classroom and I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and get stressed about cleaning it out. It sounds like my second graders are more than willing to help me out. Now to figure out what to do with the mini fridge.

My Three Positives in Memory of Tim

1. All I have left to do on the report cards is proofreading.

2. I completed the training for the state testing that I will never have to administer.

3. Tomorrow is Friday!

Tim 1972-2022

All month I’ll be joining my sister in focusing on three positives a day in memory of my brother-in-law.

Part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge by
Two Writing Teachers

5 thoughts on “#SOL23 March 16 Morning Meeting News

  1. Happy Retirement! I have two more years to go. The thought of what I will do with all my “stuff” is daunting. I don’t think my 7th graders will want as much as your second graders. LOL. A former colleague bequeathed me her mini fridge when she retired. I guess I should start thinking of someone to leave it to when I go.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Back when she was in second grade, my daughter would have asked for the overhead projector! 🙂 (Guess that reveals how long ago she was in second grade) I think it’s so funny they started asking for favorite things from the classroom!

    Congrats on retirement!


  3. So interesting what kids think about. I was surprised your second graders want to know who will teach second grade when you are gone—and they will be in third grade. But I like that they started thinking of what they want to take—which will leave less for you to take home and have to find a place for.


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