#SOL23 March 18 From My Chair

From my chair I see . . .

sun breaking through the clouds casting shadows on the wall.

yarn and needles waiting for knits and purls, yarnovers and knit togethers.

a resting dog snuggled up to his favorite human.

the glowing fire taking away the chill.

dust revealed by the light of day.

coffee in a treasured mug.

slippered feet, outstretched, pajamaed legs,


My Three Positives in Memory of Tim

1. The sun is shining.

2. There’s nothing on my schedule today.

3. I slept great last night.

Tim 1972-2022

All month I’ll be joining my sister in focusing on three positives a day in memory of my brother-in-law.

Part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge by
Two Writing Teachers

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