#SOL23 March 25 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I don’t know if this is an actual writing format but the Right Now I’m . . .format made me think of this.

Yesterday I celebrated my 59th birthday. It’s a day I’ve been thinking about since I was 30 years old. The year I turned 30 my mother turned 59. It was the last birthday she would celebrate. Next month my oldest will turn 30. The closer this birthday got the more I was reminded of how much time my own mother had left at my age. I had a wonderful day yesterday with texts and phone calls from family and friends near and far, social media birthday greetings, handmade cards from students and gifts and treats from colleagues. A video call with my sons and their wives topped off the day after we returned from dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Today has been a lazy but productive day if that’s possible. A recent security breech of our password manager program prompted the need for a new password manager so part of the day was spent getting that set up. I loath these kinds of activities but it was a necessary task. We also spent some time finalizing some plans for a summer trip with friends. Many decisions needed to made and there may still be more to come but we are content with the current plan. We still need to finalize plans for another summer trip but that’s been put on hold while I slice. Thankfully it’s a gray rainy day and staying in the house was the perfect plan for the day. I heard something about taxes too but I steer clear of that kind of activity. I’ll be putting on my new noise canceling headphones and picking up my knitting needles when that activity commences.

Tomorrow won’t be the end of the weekend for me as I took a personal day rather than attend the all day training on the new reading resource we will be using next year. It seemed like a waste of my time to attend the training as I’m retiring at the end of the year. I will need to grocery shop tomorrow since I opted to not leave the house today. I’ll have my weekly check in with friends at church and probably lunch at Panera before we tackle the grocery shopping. I look forward to not having that familiar feeling of dread that shows up around 8:00 p.m. on Sundays.

I just head, “Okay I need to go do the taxes now.” That’s my cue to put on the headphones and pick up the knitting needles!

An updated photo of my knitting project from my Frogging slice.

My Three Positives in Memory of Tim

1. A quiet day at home.

2. Our summer plans are coming together.

3. I was able to sleep in this morning.

Tim 1972-2022
Part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge by
Two Writing Teachers

6 thoughts on “#SOL23 March 25 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. Terje says:

    Happy Birthday! I can’t recall seeing yesterday, today, tomorrow format before. It allows to take a fascinating snapshot of life. I consider it a self-care decision not to attend the training.

    Liked by 1 person

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