#SOL23 March 22 Things I like. Things I don’t.

I read this format yesterday on Sharon G.’s blog Sharon My Thoughts

I like the beach, sunny days, summer, spring tulips, chocolate, flavored coffee, cooking with my husband, knitting, expensive yarn, handknit socks, knitted dishcloths, time with family, dogs, baking, cookie decorating, Formula 1, reading to children, and weekends at home.

I don’t like winter, snow, lima beans, March Madness, gray days, indoor recess, horror movies, dog hair on my pajamas, rushing out the door every morning, and anything coconut.

My Three Positives in Memory of Tim

1. A fun outing with coworkers to end the day.

2. I opened the sunroof on the way home.

3. I see green popping up where I planted tulip bulbs in the fall.

Tim 1972-2022
Part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge by
Two Writing Teachers