Milo vs. The Cat Day6 #SOL21

We are not cat people we are dog people. Milo is a 23 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We call him The Prince but in reality he is the King of the Castle in our empty nest. He’s been with us for almost three years now since our boys’ childhood dog left us after close to 15 years of companionship. I vowed I wouldn’t get a dog until I retired from teaching. That lasted two days into summer break of 2018 and a few days later he joined our family.

Milo is a 23 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is supposed to be a foofy lap dog. He plays his part well for the most part. He has acute hearing and the slightest unwanted noise will bring out a low grumble even if he seems to be sound asleep. He defends our castle fiercely, almost to the point of our embarrassment as friendly neighbors walk past. If they were to enter the yard he would wiggle from head to toe and roll over on his back awaiting a belly rub from anyone who was willing to indulge him.

Cats are another story though. There are several cats who freely roam our neighborhood much to Milo’s dissatisfaction. Occasionally, one will enter the yard and try to stake claim on Milo’s domain. He does not take kindly to this show of aggression and appears to lose his mind barking as if he were injured by a predator. We know this bark now and try our best to keep him in the house when the cats are about.

One very large black and white cat appears to live behind us and it shows up at the edge of our backyard frequently. At times I look out without glasses or contacts and I can’t tell if the animal is a skunk or The Cat, as we refer to it. This morning with glasses on I wasn’t sure but did determine it was The Cat. The standoffs between The Cat and Milo do entertain us so we decided to let him out. While today’s encounter wasn’t the most entertaining, Milo was the clear winner. He ventured out onto the upper deck and surveyed his kingdom from above. Sensing something was not right he let out a low grumble followed by a half bark. He didn’t perform the lose my mind circle the kingdom kind of bark he’s known for, it was just a low “woof, woof” I’m here kind of bark. It was all The Cat needed to hear this morning. After about four of those low “woof, woof” barks The Cat was slinking back into the row of evergreens that line our neighbors yard. He wasn’t up for the standoff at the property line with Milo this morning but we were entertained all the same. Score 1 for Milo today!

I wonder if our neighbor enjoys these standoffs like we do. I hope so.

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#pandemicbirthday #SOL20 Day 24

“Is it over yet?” I asked my husband as I woke up this morning. I have asked the same question many mornings since this started but this morning was a little different because I woke up a year older this morning.

Hopefully celebrating a birthday during a pandemic is a once in a life time thing. I decided to take the opportunity to preserve my special day in photos.

My husband decided since we were stuck at home we would do things a little differently this year. I opened gifts throughout the day rather than after a family birthday dinner. So after my Zoom Morning Meeting it was time to start unwrapping.











Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 11.16.49 AMNext came some Zoom fun with colleagues.









The daily walk in the sunshine was part of the plan.




We practiced some social distancing with the in-laws too.


And finished the day doing a Google Hangout with all the kids, IMG_3550

We made the best during this strange time. We focused on the important things family, fun and getting out in the sunshine. It will be a birthday to remember. #pandemicbirthday









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Summer Mom Trains a Puppy!

IMG_9950Meet Milo! He joined us last Wednesday. He’s keeping me pretty busy but he has been a wonderful addition to our house. A part of me forgot what puppy training is like. He and I are both exhausted by about 10:00 p.m.

Our days are filled with playing, training and running in and out of the house to learn about where to go to the bathroom. He’s doing an amazing job, or at least he has me trained. He hasn’t had an accident in the house yet but I’m waiting for it.

I think his dog mom trained him to use the bathroom outside because it hasn’t been much of a struggle to get him to do this. His sister Zoe learned to go on paper in the house and it was a long 6 months of house breaking that caused me to hesitate about getting a puppy. The day we brought her home appeared to be the first day her paws ever touched grass. On the other hand, Thing 2, his girlfriend and I met Milo running around his yard happily with his mom, dad and two brothers.

Puppy rearing is much like having a toddler. My day is now scheduled around Milo’s sleep/wake cycles. Thankfully he’s taking after Thing 1 and he’s been sleeping through the night since his second day at his forever home. We spend time chasing balls and gnawing on rope bones so he doesn’t gnaw on me with his sharp puppy teeth.


Full of cuteness and energy.

I’m working on being the Alpha Dog but sometimes his cuteness is hard to resist, but I must. The problem with having a toddler at my age is that’s it’s not as comfortable to sit on the floor anymore and the getting up off the floor is not a graceful act.

My summer plans are pretty well set now. I’ll work on the projects I have planned in short snippets while he naps. I schedule my outings in 3 hour increments for now so he gets used to being in the house alone. So far so good there.

We’ll go out and explore the world together so he gets socialized. We’ve met several adults so far but we need to spend time with the neighborhood children and other dogs as soon as it’s safe for him to be around other dogs.


What is happening to me?!

Every experience is new for him. Some are exciting and some are scary. Our car trip yesterday to his dad’s office was a little scary. Well need to work on that one. I just hope he’s ready when it’s time for Summer Mom to go back to school in 2 months.IMG_9949



His dad set up an Instagram page for him. You can follow Milo if you like. It’s all about social media these days!

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