#SOL23 March 3 Text Analysis

On Wednesday my student teacher and I attended a PD session at our faculty meeting. We were learning analysis strategies. We tried one out today following a read aloud of the book Islandborn by Junot Diaz. It was the perfect culmination to our fiction unit.

We used the Chalk Talk strategy to analyze the characters, setting, problem and solution of the story. The kids were so engaged in this activity. They were drawing and writing all over the large sheets of paper in different spots around the room and talking about the book with each other. They were using evidence from the text to support their thinking as they added words and pictures to the four different posters. It was magical to watch them collaborate.

We made the posters into a display for our hallway with the addition of a sign with the strategy and book title created by my very artistic student teacher. It was a perfect ending to our unit and our week.

My Three Positives in Memory of Tim

1. Today was the last day of school before Spring Break!!

2. The snow came today rather then tomorrow when we are traveling.

3. Milo was filled with excitement when we dropped him off at the kennel.

Tim 1972-2022

All month I’ll be joining my sister in focusing on three positives a day in memory of my brother-in-law.

Part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge by
Two Writing Teachers