It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Dishcloth #SOL20 Day 20

I don’t like to admit that I knit dishcloths, but I do. It’s something old ladies do and I’m not an old lady, yet. Knitting provides a creative outlet for me and it helps reduce stress. I’ve seen memes that say I Knit So I Don’t Kill People and I’ve read articles that cite research showing knitting reduces blood pressure so it must be true that knitting reduces stress. Dishcloth projects are very portable and they’re a great project for traveling so I always take one along on a car trip or if I’m flying somewhere. I’ve recently decided I can justify my dishcloth habit with the thinking that a knitted dishcloth is more environmentally sound than a sponge or other disposable cleaning device. I’m on a mission to make knit dishcloths cool.

IMG_3441On my recent spring break trip I knit the yellow dishcloth. It’s for my older sister. The purple one is for my younger sister. We were supposed to be getting together today for a girls’ weekend and I was going to deliver the butterfly dishcloths to them. We were getting together with their daughters for a girls’ weekend because we were supposed to be celebrating my soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s wedding shower tomorrow. Thing 2 and soon-to-be Mrs. Thing 2 are getting married in 8 weeks. (I’ll just leave that sentence sit there.)

IMG_3244_2I also knit a dishcloth for my older brother who was a huge Wizard of Oz fan when we were kids. The pattern is called Emerald City and when I saw it I knew I had to knit it for him. Now that I’m blogging about my dishcloth habit I’ll have to find a pattern to knit for my oldest brother in case he reads this post.

If this social distancing and remote teaching go on for any length of time it’s hard to tell who might get a dishcloth from me. Hence my need to make dishcloth knitting cool. My husband’s grandmother taught me to knit and she was pretty cool and, no surprise, she knit dishcloths. My husband’s cousin and I are carrying on the legacy of dishcloth knitting. I’m hoping to pass it on to Mrs. Thing 1 and the soon-to-be Mrs. Thing 2. They both have knitted dishcloths in their homes and I’m sure they think they’re cool.

Follow the link to see some of my cool dishcloths over on Instagram Beachnitter

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5 thoughts on “It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Dishcloth #SOL20 Day 20

  1. Knitting is on my list. I have a project that has some mistakes so I put it away about a year ago, but I think I’ll pull it back out. Your dishtowels are great, and I won’t judge. We all need an outlet right about now.


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