Missed Calling? #SOL22

“If you’re going to stick with this teaching thing you better find yourself a husband at college.” These we’re the words of advice my father gave me as I began my college career. He made up for it on my wedding day but that’s a slice for another day.

My dad was a lawyer and I think he always hoped one of the five of us would follow in his footsteps but we didn’t. I think he might have thought I was the one to do this because of my love of history. At the time, I was heading to college to be a social studies ed major. Back then I didn’t think I was smart enough to pursue a law degree but over the years I’ve wondered if I had missed my calling.

As I had the good fortune to sit on a beautiful beach and read today, my wonderings about my choice of career resurfaced. In addition to knitting mysteries I also love lawyer stories. I got hooked on John Grisham years ago though I haven’t read one of his novels in a long time. My latest book was sparked by bingeing The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflicks so I was delighted to find a whole series of Mickey Haller books. Mickey is a defense attorney but I see myself more as an Erin Reagan prosecutor.

I know deep down I would not have wanted the lawyer lifestyle. As stressful as teaching can be, it has afforded me the family life I wanted. Though my teaching career has not panned out the way I had hoped it would and there have been tremendous challenges along the way, there have been some very rewarding times too.

One of those rewarding moments came just a few weeks ago when I ran into a family of three children from my school after a church service. The family is moving to another state and I had the pleasure of teaching two of the three children but after a brief chat I got a group hug from all three of them. I bet Mickey Haller and Erin Reagan never got a hug like that one. I think I just might be right where I’m meant to be.

Part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers

5 thoughts on “Missed Calling? #SOL22

  1. It’s always the small moments that makes teaching precious. I love how you started out with a quote to capture attention quickly and the ending didn’t quite end where I thought it would be 😆 awesome slice!


  2. jhop007 says:

    You touched so many lives, inspired so many kids, and impacted the future in ways you will never know through this career. You have been in the right place. I’m proud to be your husband.

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  3. My husband practiced law before he went into education, and yes, he got great hugs like you, but he also liked his new clients and coworkers, which wasn’t the case in the courtroom.


  4. Your mixed feelings come through clearly in this piece and, yet, lawyers never get hugs like these. As difficult as teaching is, the rewards are also great, the potential far reaching and life changing. I’d say you made the right choice.

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  5. Lainie Levin says:

    Ohhh I feel this one. I remember being in college when my mom told me that being a teacher was (in so many words) a waste of potential. I’m glad beyond glad that I didn’t let that interfere with my plans to become a teacher.

    And I definitely know what you mean about the challenges, the “fringe benefits” of being a meaningful part of a family’s life.

    Thanks for this post. =))

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